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Vallespir is favorable for the practice of road cycling and has obtained, since February 2020, like the communities of neighboring municipalities "Albères / Côte Vermeille / Illibéris", "Aspres / Thuir", "Haut Vallespir" the label of "cyclosport area" Pyrénées Méditerranée from the French Cycling Federation.

The proposed routes are adapted to the level of the practitioners, from the beginner to the highest-level cyclist and pass through various municipalities, presenting a point of interest to discover their heritage, quality of life, hospitality ...
Across the Pyrenees Mediterranean countryside, there are more than 20 routes!

Discover the 5 cycling routes in the Vallespir:

- La Plaine du Vallespir, 22 km and 217 m of elevation gain,

Departure point: Céret / Le Boulou Difficulty: 0

This route combines pratice with pleasure by setting off by bike to discover the charming town of Céret called "Mecca of Cubism". In addition to its Museum of Modern Art, its early cherries, its Saturday market, it will offer you 600 meters of paving stones worthy of Paris Roubaix !

- The Pic du Néoulous, 65 km and 1600 m of elevation gain,

Departure point: Le Boulou Difficulty: ****

It's our Mont Ventoux Catalan! A beacon at the end of the Pyrenean chain of mountains which dominates the deep blue from the beaches of Roussillon to the Bay of Rosas. And like the Ventoux, the immense panorama that awaits you at the top is gained by pedaling for 15 kms and its final climb at a gradient of 10%.

- Between the Aspres and Vallespir, 68 km and 1500 m of elevation gain,

Departure: Céret / Le Boulou Difficulty: ****

Here is the "Route du Liège" interspersed with these particular oaks ... The coast of Vivès is followed by the Col de Llauro, the Hermitage of St Ferréol, the Liège Museum of Maureillas. The only break is with vegetation: the chestnut trees, which shelter the big climb of the day (Col de la Brousse).

- At the Porte du Haut Vallespir, 80 km and 1680 m of elevation gain,

Departure: Céret / Le Boulou Difficulty: *****

After a warm-up around Reynès, you will come across two challenges, well known to local cyclists. First the steep coast of Montbolo, then the more lenient one of Taillet, all in a very "southern" setting between pine forests, chestnut trees and cork oaks.

- Contrefort des Aspres, 85 km and 1485 m elevation gain,

Departure: Le Boulou / Thuir Difficulty: ****

From the capital of Aspres, Thuir or the thermal spa of Boulou, in the Vallespir, this route will allow you to connect the two large valleys, from the Tech (via the coasts of Vivès then Fontcouverte) to that of the Têt and its orchards of Bas-Conflent. Note, in the last third of the route this beautiful, specialised descent plunges to Saint-Michel-de-Llotes.

And cross the 15 routes of the communities of surrounding municipalities :


- Les Hauts de Palalda, 24 km and 320 m elevation gain
Departure: Center Plein Sud Sud Canigo Difficulty: * / 6

This family stroll first follows a stretch of Green Cycle Paths before joining the subdued canopy of holm oaks and other chestnut trees that adorn the heights of Palalda, an ancient stronghold in the Roman world.


- La Ronde des Aspres, 58 km and 850 m elevation gain
Departure: Center de Pleine Nature Sud Canigo Difficulty: ***

Here is an initial warm-up along the banks of the Tech, before climbing in successive stages to reach the Col du Fourtou, then the Col Xatard. A beautiful trip with land reliefs, in a wild setting barely disturbed by the few cars that cross…


- The most southerly road in France (cyclo-hike version), 67 km and 1390 m of elevation gain
Departure: Center de Pleine Nature Sud Canigo Difficulty: ****

Our countryside hosts the southern-most fringe of France. Take the opportunity to discover this route "the end of France" which strolls to the pleasant last stop of Lamanère, here in its version stamped Cyclo-Rando.


- The loop of 2 Catalognes, 89 km and 1475m of elevation gain,
Departure: Center de Pleine Nature Sud Canigo Difficulty: *****

As its title suggests, we cross the Pyrenees to explore a collection of small winding roads on the southern Catalonia side. The Col de Coustouges allows you to cross the border and switch to a long descent opposite the circle of the Canigo peaks.


- The most southerly road in France (cyclo-sport version), 90km and 1870m of elevation gain,
Departure: Center de Pleine Nature Sud Canigo Difficulty: *****

Our countryside is home to the most southern fringe of France. Take the opportunity to discover this route "the tip of France" which strolls to the pleasant last stop of Lamanère, here in its version stamped Cyclo-Sport.


- Plain of Aspres, 45 km and 470m of elevation gain
Departure: Thuir Difficulty: **

Côtes du Roussillon & “wine route” on the menu… A stroll through the vineyards: Ponteilla, Trouillas, Villemolaque, Banyuls des Aspres, Tresserre, Passa, Fourques, Terrats, Ste Colombe, Thuir and its Caves Byrrh with its largest oak vat in the world!


- Between Plain & Mountain, 45 km and 820m of elevation gain
Departure: Thuir Difficulty: ***

Our hinterland within reach of the cyclo lambda: this is the concept here, with a gradual ascent of 10 km to the foot of the Church of Fontcouverte. A single big climb, which falls at the bend of a zigzag at the fortified jewel of Castelnou

- Les Cols des Aspres, 65 km and 1295 m of elevation gain
Departure: Thuir Difficulty: ****

A progression through the vineyard, with a scent of Australia thanks to the eucalyptus trees of the Réart forest, then this Col du Fourtou to climb… A classic of Aspres: steep at first, before a long, redeeming climb in successive stages to the coast 646 m!


- Discover Haut-Vallespir, 95 km and 2200m of elevation gain
Departure: Thuir / Amélie-les-Bains Difficulty: ******

We could also call it the circuit of Belles Pierres as this trip on these small wild roads over-flows with Romanesque beauties: Castelnou, Notre Dame Del Coll, Notre Dame de la Roure, chapels of Foncouverte, of the Trinity ... This is when cycling rhymes with heritage!


- From the Côte Vermeille to Alt Empordà, 129 km and 1516m of elevation gain
Departure: Elne / Banyuls-sur-Mer Difficulty: ******

On the way to the coves and cliffs of the Vermeille Coast then Costa Brava where the coastal villages of Portbou, Colera and Llançà nestle. The return crosses the rolling hills of Alt Empordà, with the highlight of the Perthus gap to cross, a place steeped in history.


- Plaine du Roussillon, 105 km and 782m of elevation gain
Departure: Thuir / Argelès-sur-Mer (Valmy Park) Difficulty: ****

A hilly course where the bumps and the straight lines join the orchards of Ribéral, with their peaches and apricots and the flavour of beautiful days. The return journey is by the ancient stones of the Monastir del Camp and the Astronomical Observatory of Le Soler.


- From Albères to the sandy coast, 86 km and 559m of elevation gain
Departure: Argelès-sur-Mer (Valmy Park) Difficulty: ***

When the Piedmont of Albères joins the sandy beaches of Roussillon ... An uneven start which will then give pride of place to the cyclists adept at the "rock slabs", all lit up by the Etang (lakes) of Canet ... if the lady Tramontane wants to stay calm ..


- Piedmont of Albères, 35 km and 257m of elevation gain
Departure: Laroque-des-Albères / Argelès-sur-Mer Difficulty: *

For those who say "gentle movement" mean Green Cycle Paths.. Useful when it comes to leaving the coast to join these villages mid-slope. The climbing hill at Montesquieu marks a return journey to the wooded undulations, via Villelongue dels Monts, Laroque des Albères and Sorède.


- Albères Côte Vermeille Illibéris, 89 km and 1175m of elevation gain
Departure: Argelès-sur-Mer (Parc de Valmy) Difficulty: ****

3 separate sections make up the itinerary. A loop in the plain and ancient Elne, the steep climb of the Madeloc then the beautiful ledge road where Banyuls-sur-mer, Port-Vendres and Collioure shine. Splendid but this maritime return is rather hard-going …


- The balconies of the Côte Vermeille, 77 km and 1522m of elevation gain
Departure: Banyuls-sur-Mer / Argelès-sur-Mer (Valmy Park) Difficulty: ****

With Argelès-sur-mer as base camp, you don't have to go far to find gradient and narrow ramps on the side of the wall. It’s just above that you pass, on the peak with the background capped by the Madeloc Tower. Thrilling views


Photo credits : OTI du Vallespir / Thomas Aniès / Alain Le Yaouanq / Laurent Lacombe / OTI Aspres-Thuir / Blue Béar / OT Amélie-les-Bains

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Interactive route map :

GPX  tracks :

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Safety recommendations :

• Respect the highway code,
• Wear a helmet,
• Keep to the right,
• Don't leave without money,
• Look behind and extend your arm to change direction,
• Be constantly vigilant,
• Leave with a can of water, energy bars,
• Bring the repair kit,
• Have your address and telephone with you,
• Stay calm in all circumstances,
• Make sure to take the FFC cyclosportive license
• In summer: Leave early to avoid heavy traffic and hot weather and find out about the level of fire risk (road access may be closed)

Information points :

- Office de Tourisme Intercommunal du Vallespir - 5 rue Saint Ferréol - 66400 Céret
+33 (0)4 68 87 00 53 / /

- Office de Tourisme d’Amélie-les-Bains
+33 (0)4 68 39 01 98 -

- Office de Tourisme d’Argelès-sur-Mer
+33 (0)4 68 81 15 85 -

- Office de Tourisme Intercommunal Aspres – Thuir
+33 (0)4 68 53 45 86 –

- Office de Tourisme de Banyuls-sur-Mer
+33 (0)4 68 88 31 58 -

- Office de Tourisme Le Boulou
+33 (0)4 68 87 50 95 -

- Centre de Pleine Nature Sud Canigo

+33 (0)4 68 39 37 82 -

- Office de Tourisme Intercommunal Pyrénées Méditerranée
+33 (0)4 48 98 00 08 –


- Vallespir has 33 km of Véloroute Voie Verte, Green Cycle Paths! Enough to spend a pleasant sports and nature stay in our area and discover its other riches …

- Pirinexus, a cross-border loop of more than 350 km, passes by the Vallespir Green Route cycle route! It connects our territory with Southern Catalonia.
The guide is available at a price of €5 in the shops of the Departmental Council (Maison de la Catalanite, Royal Castle of Collioure, Priory of Serrabonne, Palace of the Kings of Majorca).

- A stay with Mediterranean by Bike / Eurovélo 8 is a 850km cycling experience which also passes in Vallespir via the Voie Verte Véloroute!
It stretches from Menton to Perthus!
Download itineraries via the following link:
How to get the guide for 14 € 90 →

These routes identified for gentle journeys are also so-called "shared" routes, that is to say that certain portions can be taken by motorized vehicles. On all routes, the highway code continues to apply.


- Guided electric mountain bike outings :

Aloha Aventure in Reynés

Explore our tracks and trails with your guide of the day for half a day on electric mountain bikes. Accessible to the whole family, each at his own pace!
Level 1 to 3 - Different starting places in Vallespir
Min size: 1m45
From: 30 € / person
Departures every Saturday, or during the week on request
Registration: 04 68 39 43 12

- Bike rental companies :

Aloha Camping Club :
Electric bike and mountain bike rental
Address: Domaine Al Camp Roig - la Forge de Reynés - 66400 Reynés
Phone: 04 68 39 43 12/04 68 39 08 61
Website :

Camping des Cerisiers :
Electric bike rental from June 15 to September 15
Address: Mas de la Toure - 66400 Céret
Phone: 04 68 87 00 08


Fun Bike Center - 1 rue de Batère – 66400 Céret / 04 68 22 29 34
Sudaction – 3 avenue du Vallespir – 66480 Les Cluses / 06 09 59 68 24
Vélo Sud Location – Allée du château d’Aubiry – 66400 Céret / 06 51 49 21 69

- Accommodation labeled Accueil Vélo :

Mme RODRIGUEZ FERNANDEZ - Maison Chêne Liège - 13 rue Sainte Madeleine - 66480 Maureillas-Las Illas
Phone. : 06 89 60 93 43

- The Accueil Vélo brand, National brand, was awarded to Point I-Mobile in Maureillas-Las Illas 66480, place de la République, and the Intercomunal Tourist Office of The Vallespir in Ceret, 5 rue Saint Ferréol
It guarantees the reception of specific services and equipment adapted to the needs of tourists on bikes.
More information on bike reception:

- Puncture kit:
Vallespir Intercommunal Tourist Office - 5 rue Saint Ferréol - 66400 Céret
Phone. : 04 68 87 00 53
Point I. Mobile - Place de la République - 66480 Maureillas-Las Illas
Phone. : 04 68 21 61 27

- Departmental Cycling Card :

- Bike boxes:
2 bicycle parking boxes are present in the municipalities of:
Maureillas-Las Illas (Camping Le Maureillas)
L ’Albère (Chalet de l'Albère, col de l'Ouillat)
Details of these boxes:
* Free access,
* Secure and quality equipment available,
* 20 parking spaces,
* Depot allows for small repairs and adjustments,
* Tire pressure and inflation check at depot,
* Reloading electrically-assisted bikes in a secure manner.

- Coordinates of the Catalan Country by Bike