St Ferréol Chapel

This chapel, dedicated to Saint Ferréol, was constructed at the end of 13th century by the Benedictine monks from the Abbey at Arles sur Tech, which fell within the canon of the Grand Abbey at Moissac. Following a series of murderous wars at Albi, a number of holy relics of Saint Ferréol were brought to a place of safety here and placed in a reliquary in the form of a bust dating from the 18th century. The chapel became a sanctuary. A number of votive offerings attest to services and safeguards received at the intercession of Saint Ferréol.

Built in a very simple Roman style, the shape of a Latin cross is formed by three altars, the dais at the entrance and the nave. A replica of the original sundial was constructed in 2004 with its inscription ‘Ultiman Time’ (‘Fear the Final Hour’).

The annexed buildings, apart from the chapel, were burnt down in 1975. During the reconstruction of the roof, a number of protective signs (to ward off evil) were discovered on the tiled fascia. These were found to match others of a similar design dating back to around 1721.


ST fé 2

This place of sanctuary, set in its beautiful natural environment, remains even today a haven of great peace and serenity. Each year, on the morning of 18th September, the day of ‘Festa Major’, people from Céret continue the tradition of making the pilgrimage up to the Hermitage of Saint-Ferréol. From dawn onwards, lamps and lanterns can be seen lighting the way along the winding path and up the hillside.

Historic Monument inscription