During the reign of the Kings of Majorca, Céret built a protective barrier of fortified walls around the town, known as ramparts. Two entrances were put in place to enable the inhabitants to come and go for commercial or personal purposes, one in the direction of Spain and the other towards France. Thus the names ‘Porte de France’ and ‘Porte d’Espagne’ evolved.

At this time, during the 13th century, a portcullis would have been in place over each gateway and even a small moat for further protection.

The impressive townhouse (‘maison de maître’) next to the Porte de France has a neo-renaissance Italian façade which dates from the 19th century. It now houses the town library.

‘La place du Barri’, which was re-named ‘La place de la République’ in 1920, was first mentioned in 1655, in connection to town celebrations.