A world of music…and music of the world…a voyage of discovery here in the heart of Céret at the Musical Museum.

Opening times:

From October to May: more information to come

From June to September: from monday to saturday 10:00 am - 18:00 pm

Exceptionally closed on : more information to come.


Stéfan Herzka and Véréna Nil are renowned world travellers and, over the years, they put together an exceptional collection of musical instruments centred on the oboe.

From the windy plateaus of Anatolia to the extensive mineral deserts, their journeys of discovery have taken them across the globe, returning each time with a fresh selection of souvenirs to add to this astonishing array of instruments.

Imagine a planet where the air resonates with all the melodies of the world…a world of infinite landscapes, echoing with a chorus of human voices, shimmering with all the colours of life, humming with a thousand melodies…