Le Pont du Diable (The Devil’s Bridge)

Built in 1321 during the reign of the Kings of Majorca, the ‘Pont du Diable’ was truly a masterpiece of medieval architecture. An ambitious and fascinating structure, which manages to combine grace with strength, its 45 metre arch spans the river Tech, and at its highest point (the keystone) it is 22.3 metres from the river.

The name ‘Pont du Diable’ has its origins in a legend which involves the devil himself as the builder, constructing the bridge in a single night.

The ‘Pont du Diable’ is a classified historic monument.

The railway bridge, which lies opposite le Pont du Diable, was built in 1883 by the engineer Généal Séjourné.

The road-bridge, positioned between the two, came into use in September 1939.