On 2nd February 1753, the parish council of Céret met to discuss the possibility of constructing an irrigation canal that would serve a part of the sector. It would be an important project, involving five communes within the Vallespir: Amélie-les-Bains, Reynès, Céret, Saint Jean Pla de Corts and Maureillas. But it would take another 100 years before the canal was actually built.

In 1866, a syndicate of eight businessmen financed the project, enabling agricultural ground in the area to be irrigated. This source of water, taken from the River Tech, went on to double agricultural production in the area.

Today, the 2000 people or more who belong to this project, spread across some 800 hectares of land throughout the 5 communes, benefit from the irrigation canal, which is in operation from March to October.

A commemorative monument by sculptor Gustave Violet was inaugurated on 30th March 1937 in recognition of the original syndicate.

 Historic Monument inscription.