La fontaine des 9 jets

Constructed in 1313 in the reign of King Sanç I of Majorca, the history of the Fontaine des Neuf Jets is one of rebellion and revolution. In the 15th century, King Ferdinand II of Aragon crowned the fountain with a lion, symbol of Castille.

When this area of Catalonia was annexed by Northern France, an inscription in Latin was added to the plinth: ‘Venite Ceretens, leo factus est gallus’. This can be translated more fully as ‘Come, people of Céret, the (Spanish) lion has now become a (French) cockerel.’ The lion itself had been turned to face the North to reinforce this change of power.

However, it was not long before the lion once again found itself in its original position, facing South. This has been put down to the livelier moments of the town celebrations.

The terms of the Treaty of the Pyrenees were debated here in Céret in 1659.