couv eglise saint pierre

Four churches were constructed within the same area of Céret. These were as follows:

  • A pre-Roman church dating from 814
  • A second Roman church with its Lombardy-style striped bell-tower from the 11th century
  • A Gothic church with a doorway built in grey marble from the Mas Carol, inscribed in Catalan ‘This doorway was built in the year of our Lord, 1398’. Above this, a niche with two capstones dating from the 17th century houses a statue of St Peter the Apostle holding the keys of heaven and the reverse crucifix, a symbol of his martyrdom. Over this sits the belfry (style ‘conjurador’), open to the four points of the compass, warding off all evil and misfortune.
  • The fourth church, of the Baroque period, was constructed between 1722 and 1799, with six ellipses and a dome similar to that of St Peter’s Church in Rome.

Two funereal plaques show where the churchyard lay in the Church Square. To the left of the church entrance an inscription reads ‘Year of our Lord 1283, in the first days of August, died Lady Bérengère de Valcrose, wife of Raimond Triles, chevalier of Céret…when something beautiful enchants, think of the grave.’

To the left of the South door, the inscription reads, ‘In the year of our Lord 1321 and during the 5 ides of April, Bernard Salin of Céret died, and in the first 12 days of August, year of our Lord 1384, his wife Saurine died, by the grace of God may they both rest in peace.’

Classified as an historic monument.